Love it! I hope more of the world comes to appreciate nature's bounty before we've used it up.

Huh? (all pics by author)

Six-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

Two Haiku

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

There once was a time
Storm clouds would gather and I
Would whisk them away

Today clouds gather
Sullen gray, laden with rain
They are my blanket

All right, between you and David Wade Chambers, y'all make me want to drop everything and move halfway across the world! What a lovely place you live in. And that little brown thornbill is adorable! However, it’s most unfair of the two of you to hit me with pics in the same hour. ;-)

Wow--I love everything about this--the pix, the writing, the message! Beautiful.

Your pics are interesting, but your interpretations are especially lovely! If I lived near the beach, I would be there walking -- and looking down -- as well.

I totally understand and have a few missing memories of my own. It was a wonderful era. :-D

Gack--so sorry! I haven't been on Medium a lot lately, and just saw this...Barbara is added now.

Wow! I have always loved traditional Mexican art and enjoy graffiti everywhere, but these are particularly stunning!

We're so glad you're back--albeit not for the reason. :-( I sit at home pondering my own Covid-interrupted career at 59, so I hear you. But as long as we have cafes, it cannot be all bad, yes?

Sherry Kappel

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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