Inspired by Harper Thorpe’s Brilliant Poem and Prompt “History

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History isn’t just yesterday
But also today
Tomorrow, always
One continuous ribbon
The world is watching
Recording and judging
Consider your words and actions
As if they were your epitaph

Love you, Chalkboard!

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow and the Failure of Responsibility

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I’ve been reflecting a lot this morning. I’m sure most of you heard that a 41-year-old, otherwise-healthy Congressman-elect just died of COVID. Apparently he sometimes wore a mask, but not so much at political functions. And, I’ve been reading the posts: “I didn’t agree with his politics, but he was a nice guy.” “So sad, and with a family.” “He should have worn a mask.” “The guy is dead, can we just be kind?”

My first response when someone dies — Anyone — is to be sad. And kind. Even when it’s Charlie Manson or Ted Bundy, human beings whose lives took a horrible turn at some point. But let me ask: how many people saying that we should be kind about the congressman felt bad about Charlie or Ted? Somehow being a “congressman-elect” and having procreated makes that person better? We All know how science and medicine have bettered our world. If it weren’t for a med invented within ten years before my cancer, I would be dead — period. …

Inspired by Francine Fallara’s Lovely One-Line Poetry Prompt “Harmonious

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Funky fungi
Succulent carrots
Bright vibrant onions…
Lively pinot
Chunky chuck roast
Gravy-laden potatoes!
Marry with some rosemary
No melting pot no purée
Just she he you me we

Happiest of holidays and a better 2021 to Harper, Kathy, and the entire Chalkboard team!

A Response to Tre L. Loadholt’s Awesome “Quadrille Your Quarantine” Challenge

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Here we sit
Fifty-fifty chance of COVID
Waiting, just waiting
Guess we’ll test Wednesday
Quarantined, unable to leave
Not that we leave anyway
Christmas canceled today
Since our daughter
Was our exposure
Who will eat all these cookies?
Hmm . . . pass me the
Only upside, please!

Eat them while we can taste them? I joke, but we take the pandemic very seriously. All year, we’ve gone nowhere. Our college kid and her roomies have gone nowhere . . .until one of them saw her dad, took a negative test, and went back to the apartment — where it turned positive. If we can get it, pretty much anybody can; so please, wear the mask, keep the distance, and let’s get past this. Happy Holidays, y’all!

Inspired by Kathy Jacobs’ One-Line “Advent” Prompt

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In our most glorious moments
Humans cleave together
Aligned as tight as magnets

Yet because we are human
Avarice macerates our cells
So must we repel
As if polar opposites

Many thanks to the entire Chalkboard team for another year of dedication and inspiration!

One Line Poem Prompt for November 25

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I hadn’t the words

Now you’re gone and I’m lost

Softest calm to torrential storm

Everest, Mariana Trench

Blackest hole’s heaviest heart

You’re the part of me

I needed most

My parents-in-law were old school : he the quietly self-sufficient Pennsylvania German, she the prim southern lady. Neither was given to expressing their feelings, nor displaying affection; other than that, they had little in common — yet somehow they worked together. …

The Failure of America

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Although many Americans continue to hope and wait for a return of at least the most basic decency this morning, it is obvious that we have failed regardless of who “wins.” Roughly half of us support a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, self-centered and amoral bully. In 2016, some of us suggested that perhaps these voters thought those characteristics were simply an act, part of the president’s reality show persona. It is now abundantly clear that a large percentage of his supporters are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, self-centered and amoral.

Some of us liberals are still trying to make excuses for them, because that’s what true liberals do — we tend to love everyone, empathize, and support disparate ideas even when we strongly disagree. This is what a democracy is, yes? The “marketplace of ideas,” as it were. We can now see that the best ideas do not always rise to the top. …

Inspired by the delightful Harper Thorpe’s “Unwelcome Surprises

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Each citrusy sunset
Bloody sunrise
Tangle of clouds
Diaphanous sky
Never the same
Unceasing surprise
Proposing h o p e
For any who dare
Raise their eyes

Forever grateful to the divine Chalkboard team!

Inspired by Chris Coolsma’s Wonderful “Reunion” Prompt

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I want to see people again
Lovable, huggable humans
Rainbow of colors and shapes
Ages, interests, and genders
Religions and origins — just
People, glorious p e o p l e

Many thanks to Kathy Jacobs, Harper Thorpe, and Chalkboard.

A Response to The Weekly Knob prompt “Lamp

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He watched her slim figure dance with abandon on the leather seat before she floored it away from the barely green light. The Porsche 911 convertible was clearly daddy’s, but he admired how she drove it as if she owned it, engine revving, honey blond hair swinging in the wind and summer sun like a halo on fire. He thought for the briefest of seconds about following her, although he knew that his aging Mercedes didn’t have the acceleration — and admitted to himself that he didn’t have the cojones for that kind of challenge. If only. She must have sensed him watching her, though, because she eased up on the pedal and and glanced back for a nanosecond, grinning. …


Sherry Kappel

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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