I am as homebound as you and it's such a giant sigh of relief that I can stay here; I wish everyone had that opportunity. I do hope that when fairer winds blow again, you and Jernee will meet me in the middle again. ❤

Nice! There really is no clean way to do the pronouns. Some writers alternate between them but that can get confusing. My daughter's old roomie is "they" and we've agreed that it's past due time for a gender neutral, non-plural option!

I know very little about Thailand, so I love seeing your pics! Interestingly, that mall looks a whole lot like one here in North Carolina. But I really love that silly lock!

As for Paris, I think everyone who's been there has a few things for which to blame it. 😳

I think you have something of an unfair advantage, living where you do. ;-) Seriously stunning!


A thank you to all the Black men I’ve never known

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Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Driving is an interesting microcosm of the human experience, and frequently not in a good way. Many of us spend quite a few hours behind the wheel on roads packed with other drivers — i.e., other people — and yet all too often it seems to be everyone out for themselves. Driving slow in the fast lane; skipping the turn signal; pulling out in front of another car; blowing through a red light . . . all of these actions have become so common we barely shrug anymore. Some, I suppose, are because drivers are moving along in their own…

Inspired By Georgia Lewitt’s Exquisite One-Line Prompt “Empathy”

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Image by Ina Hoekstra from Pixabay

I will lay by your side
Lace your fingers tight in mine
Let our tears run as one
Till the wells have all dried
And we face the sky together

Ever thankful for my Chalkboard friends!

Inspired by Dennett’s Lovely “Seasons” Prompt

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Central Park Snow, NYC by Stephen Wilkes; part of the GADCOLLECTION

In the bleak beauty of winter
The barren branches all appear dead
But I am fine with that
Hovering above me like
Long lost ancestors
Their pale tapered fingers
Wrapping me in their shadows

In my youth, it used to be
The season made me restless
Too much time reflecting, waiting
Now I’m able to appreciate
The relentless blanket of greyness
Muting hints of treasured greatness
Putting us back in our place

Will this be the winter of our existence
Can we find a way to blossom again
Or will the trees take us home

Two Haiku

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Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

If you cry rivers
Let them wash the stones away
Make paths through mountains

We can all be streams
Soothing, reshaping granite
Renewing rainbows

Inspired by Tre L. Loadholt’s “Underwater Experiments” Microfiction Challenge

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Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Sandy put the buckets of bait on the deck just as the sun rose, and pushed the boat off the dock before starting the motor. She waited till she was a couple miles out before tossing chunks of chum in the waves. She enjoyed seeing the multitude of sharks circle round.

She headed back to shore and tied the boat up, rinsed the buckets in the ocean and put them away. Steve met her. “Where’s the hubby?”

“He decided to sleep in,” she said.

“Not here now,” he replied. “Guess we’re alone.”

She smiled and slipped her arms around him.

Inspired by Robert Faron’s One-Line Poetry Prompt “Birthday

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On MLK’s birthday
I envisioned the visionary
Asked him his impression —
“Is america what it seems?”
He smiled sadly and said
“I once had a dream.”

Many thanks to Robert Faron and our wonderful Chalkboard team!

Sherry Kappel

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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