We're so glad you're back--albeit not for the reason. :-( I sit at home pondering my own Covid-interrupted career at 59, so I hear you. But as long as we have cafes, it cannot be all bad, yes?

What a lovely place! Austria has been on my list for awhile...I'll have to seek out the lake. :-)

Hi Elvie, you have been added to Snapshots! Please review the submission guidelines, and let us know if you have any issues submitting. Thanks to Anne Bonfert for the head's up!

Such wonderful, natural beauty! My phlox are all white, although I have an assortment of other varietals budding.

Is it too warm?! Of course I worry about climate change, but as a general rule I am thrilled to feel the sun again. If Florida weren't so insane, I'd consider it! (Sorry, Dennett ;-)

And the May apple blossom is Gorgeous! Now you need to share the actual apple when it appears. I'll be waiting. :-D

I'm so glad this spoke to you! And I'm glad your parents remained healthy. My MIL was relatively healthy till close to the end; I think in some ways it's harder when one is that much healthier--especially mentally. But they had a great life overall, as it sounds like your parents did as well, and that's as much as we can ask for.

Wonderful piece that cuts to the very heart of why one should teach. Education has been under attack for far too long, where I live at least, and our children--children of color in particular, of course--continue to pay the price. Thank you for all that you do!

I love it! I don't even write for the money here, and I'm sick of this issue. I'm quite certain that a publishing site could so easily automate the pinpointing and removal of these folks, so it seems very obvious that Medium. Doesn't. Care.

I knew it! *Big grin*

Image by an_photos from Pixabay

Obsessed with
Leprechauns, lucky charms
Chasing reticent rainbows
Yet all we must know
Is the love we bestow
Is the truest pot o’ gold

Your Turn!


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Thanks as ever to the Golden Chalkboard Team!

Hope this lil’ Irish dude warms your heart as much as mine:

To Someone I Love More Than Life Itself

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I see you in the hallways of your mind
So much unconditional fucking love
So much troubled fucking brilliance
Slivers of scintillating sunshine, yet
Thick oak doors closed, bolted
Too scared to open them wide
Let in the mess that is our world
Face the pain of being human

The streets we roam are littered Lost, broken pieces of people All of us — none of us perfect None of us gets to wear a halo No one will save the world alone We seek false unfettered idols Worship fake and tainted saviors Hope for prepackaged answers Medicate, medicate, medicate…

Sherry Kappel

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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