Beautiful, Ezinne. I can only imagine how proud your parents are of your drive, wherever it takes you, and your huge heart.

My parents have been gone awhile, but I’m watching my in-laws fade quickly these days — as well as the family friends I’ve known forever. And, I watch myself fade bit by bit as my kids become young adults; I worry when my husband catches a cold as I’ve never worried before. But something to consider: isn’t it death that gives meaning to our lives? Doesn’t that finality make us ponder our actions more, make us more accountable, hold our loved ones that much more closely? I don’t know how much comfort that provides, but to live forever certainly has its own pitfalls.

One other thought, for what it’s worth: we are all family, by genes near or far, and we love you too.

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.