Deborah, I’ve read some of your history in your other posts, and let me just start by saying that I am so impressed with how you’ve moved on with your life and your fair-mindedness in talking about racial issues. So few people would choose to be an advocate after what you’ve been through.

I think it’s pretty clear that you didn’t benefit from white privilege in those instances, although had you reported either rape you might have gotten some. And I suspect you’re right that being the minority in your community was a major factor. But then, anything involving people has so many factors. White privilege holds as a general rule, but then you have to layer in economics, the specific environment, the individuals involved, etc. In your second case, I think there’s also an “athlete’s privilege” (maybe there’s a real term?) that frequently applies. Our culture too often turns our sports figures into demigods who become almost incapable of understanding the word No.

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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