Does Medium Need an Abacus?

Dear Medium, Medium Staff, et al:

Let me start by saying that I love you. I have been here for years, I spend far too much time on your site, but it is mostly a good return on my personal and financial investment. Also? You did an excellent job promoting one of my stories this year — thank you!

That said, y’all need some real help with basic math. Some of the numbers and stats just leave me shaking my head sometimes. This story is a good example:

A day or two ago, it had over 1.1K claps and at least 40-some respondents. Today, after a kind reader gave it another 25 claps, I noticed that it dropped to 762 claps. It also lists 37 respondents, although I count 39 directly. Additionally, I have numerous friends who I know clapped for it, who are no longer listed. Now it’s possible that they all decided they no longer support my memorial to my dead dog, but it seems highly unlikely — especially since they have beloved pets of their own, and clap for all sorts of political rants from me without removing them later.

The problem more logically seems to be the Medium algorithm, as I’ve seen these issues here before and heard that others have, as well. Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me all that much personally; I don’t have anything behind the paywall, I know my friends love me, and your bad math won’t bring my dog back.

My bigger concern? How does your bad math affect my friends who require the income from their creative endeavors? Are they getting paid accurately? Are they getting what they deserve for their hard work? For some of them, it makes a huge difference in whether they can afford to stay on Medium or even pay their more basic bills. I sure would hate to see still more of them defect to Patreon, as they’re the reason why I’m here.

Thank you for your consideration and much love,


Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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