I have mixed feelings I guess. As someone who never signed up to make any money off the deal, I certainly haven't lost anything financially. I am very appreciative of what Medium offers by way of developing readers and ultimately friends (I wouldn't know you otherwise!).

But, their agenda is really counter to that, as well. It's been so easy to "lose" people, because you just don't see them or it isn’t worth their time (especially poets, because how long does it take to read a haiku?!). Medium is all about promoting the "big" names, and don't seem to realize that there are so many great writers already here who could become just as big if they got the same level of promotion — we all have to start somewhere!

Bottom line, the platform isn’t very customer centric and that never helps a business in the long run. They are counting on us staying grateful, but if anyone ever starts a competing business that actually values its customers and works on their behalf, then Medium will be in deep trouble.

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