I know you’re right. I have to believe you’re right. There are some people who voted for him who I’m sure are good, caring people. I would say they’re good, caring misogynists and racists who would probably be appalled to discover they’re misogynists and racists. I even still love them. But, that doesn’t help the situation.

I put a message out on FB this morning. I said that regardless of who you voted for, you are my friends and I still love you (I don’t friend just anybody). But, I asked, please help me to understand why — sincerely. Crickets. Internet memes about respecting their opinion (as if hate is just an opinion). If friends can’t even talk to friends, how do we fix this?

One of the failings of Democrats, liberals, Hillary, etc. (maybe not Bernie, not sure about Warren) is that we are open minded, we believe in compromise. It dilutes the message, makes us appear weak and wishy-washy. Republicans tend to be black and white (sorry, no pun intended), right or wrong and no in-between.

As you can guess, I’m in full depression mode. I’m sorry.

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