I said hopeful, not optimistic. ;-) Seriously, if I were even slightly optimistic I wouldn’t have this perpetual pit in the bottom of my stomach. But I can’t afford to give up all hope.

I really don’t get situational morality. Being “good” except when it’s not to your advantage, seems to me to be no morality at all. That’s probably an entire dissertation unto itself. (Mitch McConnell, anyone?) But I do know people can evolve. I know someone from rural GA who always voted Republican and voted for Trump but quickly regretted it. I know conservatives who jumped ship when he was the GOP candidate. I know people from a long line of racist GOP families, who would never, ever vote for a bigot.

Again, not optimistic. :-( The numbers are very clear that we white folks are power hungry, opportunistic and racist as a whole. But there have been more than a few times when there were enough decent whites that, combined with the saving vote of PoC, we did a lot better than what we’ve got right now.

Hope, Marley. I’m pretty jaded too, but we have to have something to keep us going. Otherwise, why are we even writing?

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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