The first poem I can ever remember writing was about Billie Jean King and sexism; the second was about MLK and "I Have a Dream." I was in middle school. If I'd known that I'd still need to be writing so much about these topics almost a half century later, I'm sure my adolescent self would have been heartbroken.

I have read many pieces by Black people over these years trying to maximize my understanding, and some by white people. Of course you're right that someone's color does not predetermine the validity of their response. I will say that very few of us white folks have the depth of understanding that the average Black person does. And a lot of "anti-racist" white folks can be pretty racist. Even with my best effort, I still get it wrong on occasion; thankfully my Black friends will tap me on the shoulder and quietly explain what I have missed. Much more likely, a white troll will jump down my throat for supporting anti-racism. In any case, I'll have to read your other piece now and all of the comments!

Looking for the Kind in Humankind. Heart currently Code Blue.

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